Male photographer with DSLR

As photographers is it extremely crucial that people notice our photography, otherwise we have a slim chance of ever being pro if they don’t. This article focuses on various ways that we can get our photos out to a large audidence.

1. Post your photos on is a social network for photographers, people can choose to even follow you if they like your work and give ratings on your imagery on a scale of 1 to 100. Some of the best imagery on the website is even promoted on their homepage. I would definetly check out the site if you like networking with other photographers and sharing your work to people that are interested in it.

2. Join a forum

Forums are another great way to get your photography out to people. Most forums have different sections where you can post our images for critique or just get feedback on them. One forum that I sometimes use

3. Get a website

You will hear in just about every industry, “If you don’t have a website, people won’t find you.”Quite frankly, I find this to be true. If you don’t have a website it will be maybe not impossible for people to find you, but it will certainly be difficult, since people generally use sites like Google to find businesses they are looking to buy from and Google can’t index you if it doesn’t know that you exist. If you thinking about making a website for your photography, I suggest checking out “Get Your Photography On The Web.” by Rafael Concepcion.

4. Tell people that you are a photographer

Okay, this probably sounds kind of silly. But, why would people look at your photos if they didn’t know that you are a photographer? So, when you meet other people that are interested in photography let them know what you do and perhaps hand them a business card.

5. Present your work in an art show

While this is generally kind of time consuming and perhaps not very profitable, it can get people who are interested in photography to stop by your both and take a gander at your work and perhaps even take your business card. I would check out if they have an art show near you and see how much it cost to have a both. Who knows, it might be fun.

6. Present your work at a garage sale

This probably isn’t a very conventional way of promoting your work, but I have personally done this in the past and have gotten to actually look at my work. I just set up my art framed with some business cards and place it on a table outside and people walk up to it and take a look if they are interested. Who knows this might work for you and it does not cost anything.

7. Tweet your photos on Twitter

Since you are probably already on Twitter, why not share your photos with people that are already interested in what you do. The good thing is that it is easy and it does not take much time.

8. Sell your photos on iStockphoto

You probably will not make that much money on iStockphoto, but if people do happen to download your photos, they will identify you as the photographer and this could potentially get some people noticing you.

9. Enter a contest

Contests are a great way to get people to know your photography. They are generally free to enter and could get your work in front of a lot of people, especially if you win.

10. Have your work featured on a blog or website

Getting your work featured on a photography blog or website is a great way to get people to notice your work especially if the blog featuring you has a large reader following. Many design and photography blogs are frequently on the lookout for people to feature in one of their posts. I would start by contacting a blog owner and seeing if they are willing to feature your work or possibly even do an interview with you.

If you post these ideas into action, I am sure that you will have people noticing your work in no time.