Color Palette

Color is an essential part of a photograph and as photographs we should strive for color accuracy. This article focuses on serval ways to achieve perfect color in your images.

1. Use a Gary Card

Using a gray card is a great way to get better color in your images. After you take your photos you can use the curves feature in Photoshop then click on the highlight eye dropper and select a near white area in your photo and the eye dropper will turn that color to pure white which will correct the color cast in your image if there is one.

Note: To find a near white color, use the information eye dropper and look for an area around 255, 255, 255 RGB.

2. Use a colorimeter and profile your monitor

Using a colorimeter to profile your monitor is another great way to achieve better color in your images as often the colors that our monitor shows are not accurate.The colorimeter works by projecting different colors on your monitor and then checks them to see if they are displaying properly by utilizing a fancy agorizism.

Note: To achieve the best results from your colorimeter you will need to profile your monitor at lest biweekly if not weekly.

3. Use spot profing.

Spot proofing works by simulating the paper type you will be printing on giving you an idea of what your photo will look like when printed.

Note: Spot Proofing is pretty much only useful when printing your photos on paper.

If you follow these steps you are sure to get better colors in your photos.

What are other good ways to get better colors in photos? Feel free to cmment below.